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Originally posted by Spitfire_x86
Originally posted by sunny747
BD can't even bat full 50 overs...... i dont know how u guys call javed a "trouble"?.........seriously, i begin to worry about the cricket-intellenge of some of our friends here......
A batsman who can't take singles regularly and rotate strikes is a bad ODI batsman. End of the story. Check Rahul Dravid's career for example. Dravid became a good ODI batsman when he learned to take singles. And Javed isn't Dravid, he can't play all kind of shots and unlike Dravid, his defence isn't perfect either.

it has been proven that if bd has wicket in hand, they can take lots of run in the last 10 keep patience man....
Not very true. If they can do it one time, they fail at least 3 times.
A agree abt the rotating of strike with the stroke players at the other end..look now what happened? 3 down...Javed is still's better to be there instead of getting out at this point. ANd that's what he is doing. Anyway, i guess i shouldn't comment any further, coz i'm just listening the commentry on BBC ....I may not understand quite right compare to those of you are really watching it live........
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