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Default The Musical Instruments Thread

Do you play any musical instrument/s?

When I was 9 or 10, I was invited (my parents were architects of this ) to attend a dholak class at our local village temple. It was free. I wasn't too interested, since it was the summer vacation, and I wanted to play cricket all day with my friends.

But after attending the first session, I kinda got obsessed with the dholak, it the beats came to me naturally... trained a lot by playing the beats on anything that makes a sound when struck (plates, cups, my knees, etc lol).

The class lasted 2 months (3 days/week).

Playing for the first time on a bhajan sung at the temple was a really good feeling. After that, I looked forward to going to functions all over our county and play... Of course, it took me more than a year to get into it comfortably.

It took up most of my teenage years; along with cricket.

I haven't played it in over 6 years. But I still do hit those plates and cups

So does any of our members play any instrument?
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