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Post Suggestion for New Zealand trip

So, my millionaire bro-in-law lives in Brisbane and for his effort of uniting his whole family at his place during holidays, we're planning to visit AUS-NZ this Dec-Jan (4-5 weeks). My wife visited both countries before and I only went to AUS once. It will be first time for our 2.5 year old daughter.

We haven't booked the air-tickets yet, but these are the choices:
Option 1 (cheaper): Toronto - Auckland - Queenstown - Brisbane - Toronto
Option 2: Toronto - Brisbane - Toronto, Brisbane - Auckland - Queenstown - Brisbane

I've planned to stay for a week (perhaps in Dec 11 -18) in NZ covering little of both islands. Here's the plan for NZ:

After we reach Auckland, I will rent a car for 3 days and visit the following (spending nights at hotels in respective places):
Road Trip-1: Auckland (city) - Waimoto (cave) - Rotorua (hot springs) - Matamata (Hobitton) - Thames (Falls) - Auckland [BTW, is Hobbiton worth of $80 pp?]

Then we will fly from Auckland to Queenstown and rent a car for 3-4 days to visit:
Road Trip-2: Queenstown (sightseeing/water sports) - Te Anau (cave) - Milford Sound (cruise) - Queenstown/Arrowtown (sightseeing)

As we have a 2.5 year old with us, we cannot really hike/bike/climb or even walk for miles. Not sure in that case, how much we will be able to do (i.e. cave tour). Our whole trip may start from Dec 9 to Jan 13. We have to stay in AUS from Dec 25 - Jan 5. So, we either do the NZ trip before or after that.

Now since many of you live in AUS and perhaps visited NZ lot of times, I would ask for your suggestions re: timeline vs cost, weather (Dec vs Jan), crowd gathering etc. Also, jet-lag is a concern if we do the NZ road trips right after we reach Oceania zone. I will be the only driver as my wife wouldn't be able to drive on left side of the road. Not a problem for me.

Open to any suggestion...
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