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Thumbs up Tasnim Jara - Bangladeshi Bride Stomps Traditions - No Make-ups, No Jewelry at Wedding

Tasnim Jara - Bangladeshi Bride Stomps Traditions - No Make-ups, No Jewelry at Wedding

More power to her!

Wherever in the world it is that you get married, a wedding is usually all about the bride. It’s an occasion for her to look glamorous, beautiful – and this she often achieves through expert make-up, a gorgeous outfit and sparkling jewellery.

In many Asian countries – especially in the Indian subcontinent – ultra-lavish outfits and extravagant gold and jewellery on the bride are often considered to be markers of her family’s wealth and social status.

Many families don’t think twice about spending huge amounts of money – sometimes even taking loans – in order to have a fancy wedding for their daughter that they can ill-afford.

Recently though, one Bangladeshi woman – Tasnim Jara – challenged the stereotype that brides should be dripping with gold and plastered in makeup on their wedding day.


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