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u made some good points, but in the balance, we do need that bouncy wickets... in the long run, that will be much helpful..

sometimes, u give away wickets just because of overconfidence, the lap shot Mashud played was example of that.. he is not that bad actually against the spinners..

by the way, do u remember Eddie Hemmings.. he won a test match against India in lords 1990.. indians do not play spinners bad.. in fact, he also contributed to India's defaet in 87 world cup final..

i was listening to radio..their comment on Rana's dismissal.."it could have embarrsed club cricketer.."

by the way, we always had problems against quality spinners.. pushing ball to long off/long on seems so easy.. but it is not.. will give one example, i do not know how many here will remember that..

1988, asia cup in dhaka, miandad and shoeb was batting against srilanka.. shoeb's drive was going to fielder.. and miandad's push was going to long off/on... (lanka won the match by the way, miandad retired.. we saw one of the biggest six in dhaka stadium by Manzoor Elahi..)
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