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Originally Posted by jeesh
Well from the onset BCB were clear they wanted someone from the subcontinent. Options are from India, Pakistan, or Sri Lanka.

I cant think of a suitable candidate from Sri Lanka. Mushtaq is working with Pakistan, Saqlain with England-plus too expensive.

Makes sense targeting someone for India-they are very good in producing quality spinners. And Indian coaches imo are doing very well. Better than rest of subcontinent anyway. Akram Khan apparently asked Kumble-probably about a potential candidate from India itself.

The two other options in India are Sriram, Raju. Not sure why the latter was never taken into consideration despite his coaching clinic. Sriram is working with Australian spinners, no reason for him to come. Paul Adams would have been a joke. I think we ve got the most qualified of all the candidates interested in this job.
if thats the case than fare enough
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