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Originally posted by left-hander
Originally posted by ReckmyBack
Mind you all the great bowlers in the world are the pace bowlers .
what r u smoking?

2 highest wicket takers in test match cricket:

1) Shane Warne
2) Muttiah Muralitharan

then comes: 3) Anil Kumble and 4) Harbajhan Singh

not to mention the dominance of part-time spinners on the Bangladeshi batsmen:

Sachin Tendulkar -- 4 wicket haul against Bangladesh in the recently completed tour.

Andrew Symonds -- 5 wicket haul.

Bottom line -- we need both types of wickets and need to bat well.

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I think you have to see the ICC ranking mate .

1) Mc grath
2) Brett Lee
3) Chaminda Vass

It's always been surveyed on Strike rate , not the wickets you know . Bradman got the higest avg but he doesn't have that mush run , what Tendulkar gonna have . Strike rate is important .

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