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Default Ashraful\'s threat to Hogg

It happened in one over during the partnership of Ashraful and Shahriar (BD vs Aus). Shahriar was facing Hogg, with Ashraful at the non-strikers end. Shahriar played straight down the pitch to one ball. As Hogg was scampering to get the ball and prevent the batsmen from getting one run, he gave a slight nudge to Ashraful's back to get him out of the way. While Hogg collected the ball, we saw on the TV Ashraful gesturing to Hogg with his bat and raised eye brow and said something (or mimicked something) to Hogg. I could not dicipher what he actually said, but it might be between " hoisey?" and "Oi..dhakka dili ken?" (for the non bengalis.."Oi..whats up?" or "Oi..why the hell did you push?")

Apart from bursting into laughter from this (the way he said it was reminiscent to his old "para" days threat...I guess), it just showed that our boys are not in awe of the opposition any more, instead there seems to be a little bit of belligerent mood in their psyche (even when it may be uncalled for). Also another point to note was the way Ashraful was returning back the glare of the bowlers. On another day he would have been looking away, but he was steadily glaring at them with a smirk. I found that interesting.
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