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Originally Posted by Ahsan
Go Colombian and be happy ....

>> interesting! Tell me about it I thought it was go Filipino and be happy!
LOL. Maybe. As long as it's not Bangali, you are good I think. Some would however require a lot of money - ie Caucasian. Shada manush I feel like are very respectful towards their partner and emotionally very mature but for you to be with one of them you have to be pretty well off.

To be with a bangali, not only will you have to be well off, you have to be a superman, a super nanny, with a bollywood hero look and charm and the list goes on and on .. but in return you will only receive an emotionally immature lazy person.... There is something in the current upbringing that's gone wrong i think.

But don't be disheartened.. there are still plenty of great girls (bengali) out there who will bring the best in you. But as Roman bhai recently mentioned, getting one of them is just pure luck and blessing from the almighty.
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