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comon guys.. what is so upsetting thing for you here?.. As a true fan.. we should alawys be aware of the true standard of our cricket team. They are playing against no.1 and no.2 team of the world. So.. the difference will be shown every now and then. But.. it doesnt mean we will loose hope. Even BD lost matches.. the experience and courage that the players got.. are simply priceless. They will show a much better performance when they will face other team. You can only learn when you play the Best. So... nothing to worry ma friends. Bd came to England with one or two upsets in head. They did one and in sometimes.. did make the Natwest series intresting for crowd to come to ground. If I were you.. I would be looking into a much more positives than negatives from this tour and will be contend what BD team has done so far in the trip.
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