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Hmm...... there are lots of views and replies in this thread. Well...fwullah has her opinion and we all should respect her while making any reply. We really shouldnt guess, about her knowledge in cricket. She has quesitoned about the bouncy pitch in Mirpur. Well.. she may also be right in her point of view. In fact.. I think.. playing against spin is much harder than playing against pace. In spin.. one really have to play each and everyball sensibly and should be technically well. Agianst pace.. one can get away with odd balls where he can just nudge it and get some runs. But.. surely.. spin and pace.. are two different kind of bowling and each have great players inthe world. So.. the question should not come as which one is more difficult.

but. I personally support Mirpur pitch as a bouncy one. Having bounce.. is also infact quite handy for spinners and it makes like much more difficult for batsmen to play spin at a bouncy pitch. So.. It should actually force BD players to work harder to play both pace and spin on this track. , which should be benficial to our players in the longer run.

Onyl thing concerns me.......... when will BD get the chance to play at Mirpur?.. it would be realy bad .. if the organisors arrange the first match at Mirpur stadium against some quality test team. That will be disasterous!.. Bd players atleast play one years of domestic games at mirpur before playing against a test team.
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