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Originally posted by Spitfire_x86
Easy soultion:

Make bouncy wicket at Mirpur and give back BNS to cricket again and make spinning wickets there.

Send football to somewhere else, even sending them outside Dhaka isn't a bad option.
Agrred 100%. Football is a fruitless game for Bangladesh and spending even 1 taka is a waste. They cried so much that football lost popularity because football went out from BNS. But. if you see.. how many spectators comming even Abahoni-Mohammedan Match, teh BFF official should feel ashamed about themselves. They should play in Kamlapur Stadium or elsewhere. And BNS should also come back to cricket. There should be atleast 4 international stadiums at Dhaka only. From now on.. 99% of the fund and decision should go in favour of cricket. Rest of the games should share rest 1% and even.. that is also too much to be done considering their standard and performance in the world level.
There should be .only. Cricket cricket cricket.....
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