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Default Masrree NOT a strike bowler - at present

Originally posted by RazabQ
I have been thinking about this for a while. I commented a while ago that Masree is NOT a genuine strike bowler at present. Genuine strike bowlers have a happy knack of taking wicket in bunches - that's how you tend to get five-fers. He is however our best bowler and most incisive pacer. Also the most consistent. Hence the strike bowler role has been thrust upon him. Ideally a guy like him would be a stock bowler - bowling line & lenght fast medium stuff with occasional nip-backer, leg cutter and extra bounce delivery that may earn him a wicket.

Having said all that, I should point out that, Mortaza is still young and learning his craft - Gillespie in his early days would rarely get wickets too. If Masree can add a decent yorker and slower ball to his repertoire and up his pace to be consistently around the mid-to-high 80s, he will be getting wickets. The potential is there - his frame is still getting filled out, and his action could do with some tweaking; his aiming arm doesn't come up enough and snap down fast enough.

Masree has the atitude of a strike bowler - now he must acquire the skills
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