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A white Maserati Ghibli pulls over in the terrace by the gazebo of an Italian villa in front of a wide porch with colonnade by the garden on which grazes a tiger.

Camera pans into white pointed shoes made of alligator skin as a man steps out of his car. Mahmadullah Riyahd played by Akshay Kumar. He is wearing brown cord tuxedo and white gloves.

Dhoom maaachaaa lee............

A svelte and lithe trainer carrying tennis racket introduced. Borsha played by Priyanka Chopra looks at his watch. It reads 10:02. She comments in monosyllables: Late.

Mahmudullah Riyad: main aapako do minit headstart chaahata tha.

"Whatever." Priyanka says. Then she peers over her sunglasses: "And who is this? yah kya hai?" She says looking at Nayla Naeem played by Nayla Naeem. Shabbir got out of the passenger side with his sweetheart.

"That's none of your business." Nayla Naeem played by Nayla Naeem snaps.

"Anyway? Shall we?" Mahmudullah Riyad says.

All four head to a tennis court. After four hour intense rally Mahmudullah Riyad takes off his head band. He is tired. He just beat Priyanak one-on-one.

He looks at his watch. (It reads 10:58): "Do minit. Sref do minit."

Dhoom maaachaaa lee............

[Mandatory Song Break. Director plays "Shawa Shawa"]

"So what shall we do now?" trainer Priyanka asks.

"We can take the speed boat to a gelato?" Shabbir says

"Not a bad idea. You are not a boy after all." Priyanka says.

Nayla makes retching expression.

The four take the speedboat as hooligans shoot them from helicopter all of a sudden. Mahmudullah takes the dockage rope and lassos like a Western hero and shoots a loop around the tail of the chopper and brings it down. As the helicopter draws closer, Shabbir grabs the ak-47 rifle from the hooligan shooting from the side and as Riyad lets it go Sabbir shoots the speed boats gas tank that Nayla Naeem attached to the back of the chopper.

The helicopter explodes in mid air.

Dhoom maaachaaa lee............


Someone else please continue...
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