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Originally posted by Beamer
Already the youngsters in the current team has a better grip of the one day games than some astute veterans. Some older memebrs are either declining in terms of their ability with age or simply are unable to discard the old losing mentality. Age related declines : rafiq and chacha. Javed and Bashar on the other hand, are unable to cope with different scenarios, though they are more experienced veterans. Javed is playing 70's version of 60 over one day matches that will make Gavaskar proud and Bashar is having a misearble time in no.5, not knowing what do since he can't cut or pull for boundaries. He is as bad as Javed in finding the gaps for singles and twos. I think Bashar needs to go back to no.3. We will get the maximum out of him there. Tushar falls to 5 with Ash and Aftab staying in their respective 4 and 5.

On second thought, Underder the new rules of 20 overs fielding restriction - first 10 overs and two blocks of 5 over later, Bashar may be able to play his 'natural' game at 5. He should remain at 3 in test matches but in ODIs he didnt do much at 3 where his average is in mid teens.

In that case Aftab should come at 3 where his average is in mid 40s.

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