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Originally posted by mafizraju
Originally posted by raju
Last thing I want to add here is, people who are/were connected to BD league know how selfish JO is!

No I dont know..........can anybody tell me that? and can u tell me the source of your qoute. I have been following domestic league for around 14 years and I can not remeber of Javed having any reputation of being selfish..... (and by the way ........ cricket is a game where you can be selfish and still serve the team to be selfish is the way to go for the team and obviously playing more balls are not being selfish, ))

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my source is abahoni gallery (I guess not a very reliable source.....!).

By the way, I dont think you have to be a Rocket scientist or Psychiatrist to figure out that. Just look at his record and style of play you can figure it out

Have to agree with you that in cricket you can still be selfish and serve the team. And also playing more balls may not be selfish. But eating up 150 balls and scoring 81 is. Most pathetic part is even at 40 overs he didnt try to pick up singles let alone 4 and 6 (6! am I dreaming!!!!!)

I hope he can at least score at a pace of 70% if he stays after 20 overs.....

Thank God he scored 19 in 50 + balls against Aus. If scored a 50 or 60 even Lara couldnt win us that match

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