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I feel we are doing too much of a scapegoating. JO has done a tremendous work with his bat. He has done his work as a pride saver. His role in the team is to protect wicket. He has done that. he provided the launching pad for Ashraful, Bashar and Aftab. It is nkot his fault that the other failed in their role. However, I don't expect Ashraful or Aftab to suceed in every outing. Nor do I balame them for the failure in 1 match. How many times BD scoared 200+ against a quality opposition (for any opposition for that matter)? Now we have scored 200+ in 3 of our 5 matches, won 1, JO played his part very well in all these 3 ocassions. He should play within his limitations. He should do the job assigned to him. Let us give him a break and appreciate what he has done so far. We were defeated but not humilitaed, it was because of JO.
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