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Default Is the presence of gay marriage, ultimately inevitable in modern society.

Gay marriage is being partially legalised or completely legalised in a growing number of countries. Check this out a US based pollster PEW Research forum, shows a clear trend in the direction of opinions on Gay marriage. I guess it`s pretty apparent, that as time passes, gay marriage will be more widely accepted in society no matter the religious fault lines it presents.

If you take the data found, it still goes to show that throughout generations views of Same Sex marriage have changed and become more accepting as we transcend effortlessly through time.

Another question that also comes to mind, while researching about this topic, is that discourse against gay marriage, is also present, if we are becoming more accepting of same-sex marriage in society will this discourse ever fade away. More importantly, what would be the ramifications of changing the instinctual nature of marriage, is it right to change something that we have been following for hundreds and thousands of years.

Political Discourse against Marriage Equality.

I just wanted the forums views on marriage equality.
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