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I have a question for the mods and the other senior members.

The win against Aus was a historic moment. It changed BD cricket "probably" forever. But since that match we have had two pretty bad losses and three straight losses (not that we didnt anticipate that). But the current banner which was hosted right after the Aus match tells a different story. For a few weeks or until the end of Natwest series, this banner is fine. But afterwards I think the banner needs to be changed so that it only reflects the emotions of our players whether ODI or test.

I know that we received stick from everyone about our team and our place in International cricket. The banner is probably a timely answer to all those critics. But now that we have laid rest to that debate, now that teams like Eng and Aus play cautiously against us AND now that BC staffs have started using their real names (becoz of the status of BC), its time the banner should also reflect a sense of responsibility. Right after the Aus match Ponting's face on the banner was fine, it was a deserving banner. I also think that the Ponting's picture is an awesome sight for BD cricket and the way its shown in the banner is almost irresistable. But now that Aus has recovered from that debacle (and recovered well) , we are still a few paces from where we were. We still are not able to put up a good fight regularly. From that perspective I think this banner is not serving our purpose. There may be some other way to put up scenes from our victory. But I think the main banner (which this one is) of BC should be a more general reflection of our teams victory or emotions. WE have so many options (pictures of Golla, Ashraful, Shariar, Mashrafee, Rafiq). Since BC is the main representatve of BD cricket fans and is mentioned regularly in articles, therefore the main banner should reflect our cricket and not a particular match.

I wonder if the mods have plans to modify this banner to a more general one with only our players shown in the banner.
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