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Originally posted by kalpurush
We should watch our fingers while playing with keyboard! "Cheating" is a strong word!! There is nothig to do with Ashraful about age cheating. It might be his parents who is respobcible for it. Is it a big deal anyway? We should concentrate more on cricket, shouldn't we?
True "Cheating" is a strong work when we actually don't know for sure if his official age is the right one or not. And if it isn't, then we don't know who is actually responsible for that. However we do know in general term that, we have little confidence in the validity of those officical ages.

Also you are right that we should concentrate more on cricket. However I have seen both side spinning the age issue in both side. Some people try to make him a teen ager and some people try to make him close to mid 20s.

So ist better for both side to refrain from guessing his exact age. Isn't it enough to just agree that he is still a young man (with out mentioning his age 19,20, 21,22, 23, etc) and the future is still ahead of him?

When you start mentioning a particular age, then you are basically opening the door for all kind of speculation.
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