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Before the start of the series everyone was saying- ONE win will be fine! Yeah, nobody believed in a BD win after the hapless performance in the test series. After all we were going to play against England- who tormented us through the two tests and THE world champion Aussies. Yeah, one win will be great, awsome! That's what we thought. And now, after we have won our one game- you people are criticising the team! Come on guys, even the most die-hard British commentators in BBC said that- Bangaldesh have definitely played their part in this series. How come we don't get 100% support from our supporters when even the miserly foreign media are praising us for our effort! Exactly, what is it you guys want the BD players to do? Get a grip, we are the bottom ranked team. We are touring England for the first time and facing these horrible seamer-friendly wickets everywhere. We were bundled out within a little more than two days in both the tests! The agony goes on and on. Try to think you are a 20-year old BD player. What will be your mentality? In such a crucible-like situation the faint-hearted will give up and perish. Is that what our team did? No- on the contrary they turned around and won a match against the mighty Aussies- fighting neck-to-neck all through the game! Yeah, wake up guys- in case you don't fully appreciate the feat- the Aussies just happen to be the world champs. Probably many of us don't understand how much this one single win improved the image of BD cricket team. So please stop complaining and give our players a due break. We Bangladeshis have a tendency to criticise everything- but in this case, for once, we need to forget that.
Yeah, like everyone else I also hoped we win another game- against the English, just to give them a real fight after what they have done to us. But that was not to be. You can feel sad because we didn't win against the Brits but you certainly cannot complain. Because BD team have done their fair share of work! Therefore, they deserve your support and faith!
There is still one match left, hopefully Ashraful will score a 50 or a 100 and we will end in a good note.
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