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I am one of those fans that others might label at times as a "Bashar Hater". The truth is (like many others), I do not and have not ever hated him. But I have always felt extremely annoyed at his lack of strong leadership. The other thing that irked me tremendously was his greater love of hook or pull shots over the well-being of the team's scorecard.

After reading his interview and after watching ball-by-ball on TV all of the test matches and the five ODI matches so far, I am so happy to see that Bashar is becoming the captain of Bangladesh team.

The way he restrained himself in the last 4 ODI matches, is awesome. It had to be a great struggle for him to have changed his playing style so much.

He has held that designation for a while, but only now is he becoming the captain that our team needs. This interview is so mature and grounded!

Great Job Bashar!

Wishing the team a great show on Thursday.
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