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Originally Posted by Mas_UK25
I keep hearing soil in Dhaka is not strong enough to withstand such big storeys but there's thousands of mid rises in one zone - how is that possible and not few 50plus storeys in an area where less mid rises?

Hence I said earlier post, got to find where it's suitable and plan for future. Also, got to make CTG much bigger and planned. Surely there's areas available in CTH around bandarban to make a big city around the pahari areas highland which would enable better living for all concerned and move the backward paharis into more modern ways. Look at the recent landslide too many living in such ways not safe instead they need hill towns/city, built on top of the pahars.
Never heard of Dhaka soil not being good for skyscrapers. I don't know anything about architecture to know why that is. Sucks if this is true.

CTG will grow organically on its own. As Bangladesh's primary port city, and as BD's economy grows, so will CTG. Also if BIMSTEC pans out as planned, we may see CTG grow massively within this decade.
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