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I like Basher to play as a run machine and mind only his batting not for the whole team. He did not come up with any single incident where his captaincy contributed. Field placing is one of the areas he have no good concept about but a captain should. (Struss of England made almost 50 taking shots in same vacant area on leg side and he never seemed concerned! Tapash Baisya should have been taken off after two ot three very expensive overs. Bash still let him bowl and in his 7 overs England made 87!) He performs poorer becasue of pressure. His body language never inspires even an expectator, leave out the team mates. I have no clue who can take over. Mashrafee is very young but he is aggressive, that also costs. Rajin could not perform well in UK and he has some quality. He is very devoted player. Please comment.
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