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Default How to respond to people who don't know where Bangladesh is?

I always struggled to do this past 20 + years... Before it was more common, people didn't know where Bangladesh was. Now it is somewhat uncommon or atleast i thought it was until today.

I am not the type of Bangladeshi who is eager to bring Bangladesh in limelight. Simply I don't care really. But then again I feel frustrated that a person who is talking to me do not know where it is.

I was in a chinese buffet restaurant at langhorne, pensylvania today. After finish eating, the chinese waitress decided to have some small talk with me.

Waitress: Where you from?

Me (in my head thinking - is she asking for my background, or where I am actually driving from - then i decided i will answer to her just like i answer to most ppl that ask me this question) : I grew up here.

Waitress: So you are American (with a smirk on her face)

Me : Well yes my parents are from Bangladesh

Waitress: Where?

Me: Bangladesh

Waitress: Maybe I thought you were Mexican (looks back at the mexican dish washer with a smile), pointing to him, he thinks your wife is mexican

Me: No we have Bangaladeshi background

Waitress: where?

Me: Next to India

Waitress: So you are Indian

At this point my frustration is starting but I am still smiling

Me: yes to some ppl, i guess, for now I am indian

Waitress: oh ok (goes to the dishwasher guy - they are indian

Walking out of the restaurant i was thinking maybe I tipped her too much.. should have given half ...if i was gonna be an Indian might as well be an Indian.

how would you respond?
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