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First of all can i say that you are talking bout a country who started playing cricket about 20-30 years ago and team who have an avergae age of about 25 or 26 years old. You are also talking bout a country who less ecenomically developed, a country who does not have the mass wealth of rich countries such as england or australia. those rich countries started playing cricket well over 60 70 or even 80 years ago and you are suggesting that in a matter of years u expect bangladesh to bridge that gap and beat them??? you are insane, you cannot at this stage simply just criticise bangladesh in every deparment for not beating the 1st and 2nd best teams in the world. you are talking about england and australia here not kenya or zimbabwe.

I am not saying they are faultless but all this criticism is unfair becuase no has looked about the past of bangladesh before criticising the present.

What bangladesh has achieved after being a small, new and poor country is phonominal. They have young team who will be around in 10-15 years time and thats when you will see the true potential of the bangladesh team.
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