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Originally posted by kalpurush
We should watch our fingers while playing with keyboard! "Cheating" is a strong word!! There is nothig to do with Ashraful about age cheating. It might be his parents who is respobcible for it. Is it a big deal anyway? We should concentrate more on cricket, shouldn't we?
It's natural with bangladeshis in bangladesh to reduce their age because so many people study KG1 and KG2
and only few bright students used to go to Class 1 before going to any KG school for 2 years.

But when they sit for their SSC they need to fill out the registration form in Class 9 and that's when everyone can use their certificate age if they want to. Many people do it because they want to have 2 extra years in their career or 2 more years to apply for Govt. jobs because many find the Bangladesh Civil Service exam hard to pass.

Age cheating is not a new phenomena in BD but Ashraful's issue is different. There is no denying the fact that he is few years older than what is suggested but that being said, it's also obvious that he will not grow any taller after 2 years. So to come out with 100 off 100 balls against Australia in any match is a superb knock and 2 o 3 years of age has nothing to do with it. Bashar is a good player but even he couldn't hit any century against Zimbabwe let alone Australia.

I think Ashraful's 100 will remain the best match winning knock in Bangladesh's cricketing history because we were the lowest ranked team by a fair margin and we defeated the world champions.

After 10 years we will probably be ranked higher than Srilanka, Zimbabwe and NZ.
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