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I do not read much into this (so called) English supporters verbal diarrhoea. It would be stupendous to think that any Tom, Dick and Harry who has seen two test matches played in a complete alien environment (to BD cricketers) has become an expert assessor of BD cricket team. I have been watching English county cricket ever since I was a little boy (which is now more than 20 years). And in my opinion not all counties have good standards of cricketing skills.

There are few things that we should remind ourselves. The test matches were played in May and especially this year month of May has been rather cold. Some days in May this year had temperatures as low as 5 degree Celsius. How many test matches I have seen that being played in this sort of conditions especially against other countries in the sub-continents? I think can’t think of many.

These test matches were played for the benefit of the English team before they take on the mighty Autrallia. After all it always gives a psychological boost to defeat a weak team before facing the might of the Aussies.
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