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Default We need youngsters who improve with age, not just a youngster.

We need to have young talented cricketers who improve with age. It is too crowded already and it would be a mess if we dont quarantine them from the international cricket.

Yes! we are the youngest cricket nation, so not many options are available. However, there should be a national ranking system available to keep track of the maturity of the batsman or bowler. For example, have they been consistent or have shown maturity or do they have the desire to carry on for atleast few years of service.

I think few players have showed off big signs of "improves with age" philosophy. They are

1) Mashrafee (I think this kid not only wants to play cricket for the fun of it, he is extremely professional)

2) Aftab (short time but he is much more matured now, and def .improving with age)

3)Ashraful (Paying off now)

Not improving with age, going down:

1) Rajin
2) Taposh
3) Tushar
4) Nafis Iqbal

We just gotta spot those who have that capability or put him through 2-3 years quarantine of domestic or league level contests.
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