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Originally Posted by Roy_1
Offtopic: I hate being hugged by guys, desi people by and large do not understand the concept of personal space. If I am sad and pissed you better stay away from me and let me deal with it my way, if you come and hug me you will get your butt kicked, my friends learned that the hard way
Are you fat ? There are few guys I know who don't like hug from another guy ... I think it says a lot about the guy who doesn't like it ...

Ok the word is not like ... a real secured man shouldn't feel uncomfortable getting a hug from another guy ...

Regarding personal space I think it's more appropriate when a guy hugs a woman as a greeting /goodbye ..if the relationship is not close ....I find those guys very creepy .

There is handshake ..there is slight head bowing .. there are subtle respectful touch .... but some guys with their full on hug ..with a woman they know by proxy ... annoying as hell
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