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Originally Posted by iDumb
Are you fat ? There are few guys I know who don't like hug from another guy ... I think it says a lot about the guy who doesn't like it ...

Ok the word is not like ... a real secured man shouldn't feel uncomfortable getting a hug from another guy ...

Regarding personal space I think it's more appropriate when a guy hugs a woman as a greeting /goodbye ..if the relationship is not close ....I find those guys very creepy .
I am not fat lol, far from it, spend more time at gym than college. The problem with many of us is we often equate divergence with being something wrong, we get behind our key boards, act shrink and try to find out deep psychological meaning behind the simplest of things. I seriously don't know how you jumped into this conclusion that just cuz I don't feel comfortable hugging people I am not secured.

Personal space has got jack squat to do with gender, I value my privacy and personal space and respect others, my girlfriend knows that, so do my friends and family . Now anyone can write a thesis on my behavioral eccentricity and get a phd online for all I care, I myself and people closed to me are more than okay with my little oddity and imperfections and that is what matters.

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