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Originally Posted by iDumb
I agree with you. And have no desire to talk about your hugging habits. I actually feel disgusted reading/talking about anyones habits .

What I shared was not about you, or anything as facts... just my personal view. ?what divergence, what psychological nonsense? I write one thing, you read another.

Some ppl in beach do not like taking off their shirt despite having great body... there is a feeling of "insecurity"... nothing bad. Whereas all the fat guys go full naked. I feel that for anyone to have a particular dislike for a man hug as opposed to a woman hug has some sort of that "insecurity".. purely my opinion..

if one doesn't liked to be touched, gender shouldn't matter u said it.
None of us are perfect, we are all fundamentally erroneous some way or the other, these little oddities is what makes us unique and distinctive, I think we both can agree with that and you are of course entitled to your opinion.
"I live as I choose or I will not live at all." -- R.I.P Dolores
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