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Default Why are BD fans upset about batting 2nd?

So is the consensus here that BD made the wrong choice in fielding first?

I happen to disagree. Its a conservative choice that reduces the risk of being bundled out in the 1st innings and making the outcome of the test a foregone conclusion. Why is everyone hating on Mushfique for choosing the option that keeps BD in the game longer? Are you guys so overconfident in your team's batting abilities that you are 100% sure they won't collapse against the new ball on a fresh bouncy track?

And day 2 and 3 should still be good to bat on, anyway. So choosing to bat 2nd takes the game deeper, reducing the chances of a loss, increasing the chances of a draw or BD win, and gives the Bangladesh bowlers an opportunity to do their best against the SA batting, who have all the pressure on them to make sure they dont' "give it away". Seems smart to me. Why all this angst?
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