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Originally Posted by Fazal
language is for people, not the other way around. That's why there is American English and the there is British English. The Authenticity has no value in real life. Over time language change to meet the people's requirement.

Is doesn't matter from where the word was originated, what it matters is how its being used currently and if its being used by the people. Bangla is the national language of only one country and that is Bangladesh. So they dictate the authenticity of the current language.

in India (where West Bengal is), to my knowledge, Bangla is not their national language, its their regional language. When/if India declared Bangla as their national language, then we can talk about "Indian Bangla" and "Bangladeshi Bangla". until then we have just one official version and that is Bangla (spoken by Bangladeshi).

I don't know why its so hard for you to grasp the reality.
Catalan is not the national language of Spain .... So Catalonians cannot decide on their own language? What type of logic is that.

I grew up reading Bengali literature from both sides of the border, a human made border, because we the people are not capable to live peacefully with someone of a different religion. Our Anthem is written by a nobel laureate who lived in both sides of the border. Rabindranath's Gitanjali is a Bengali masterpiece and now u think u r more capable to decide on Bangla than Rabindranath because u live in this side of the border?
Amartya Sen, another nobel laureate, lived in both sides of the border and that makes me proud.

Anyways back to topic, NRA wants to ban the bump stock that converts semi automatic to automatic. So for the next mass shooting the number will be less than 50.
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