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Originally Posted by DinRaat.
I am only talking about ODI, Shakib has faced Zimbabwe 43 times, and has a combined total runs of 1316.

If you combine that with other minnow matches, 42 per cent of his total ODI runs have come from playing against minnow teams at home.

His talent is not questionable, theres no doubt about that, but he is definitely not a ATG across all formats. Let Stokes or Moeen play against Zimbabwe 43 times, and lets see where it gets them.

Not to mention his away stats aren't that great.

Face the truth, the only reason Shakib is considered to be the number 1 allrounder is that, when he played 2006-Now, past AR such as Kallis were slowly regressing, leaving Shakib little to no competition.

Out of 224 wickets Shakib has only taken 66 away from home. That's less than 30 per cent. But lets not judge his bowling, since like other AR, he follows the trend at being garbage bowling overseas.

Take a look at batting, Angelo Mathews debuted in 2008 and is a far greater batsmen then Shakib, both at home and away, whilst at the same time providing decent seam up bowling.

He is a good player no doubt, but his ATG status is questionable.

You mention kallis like he was simply an ATG player, you are wrong, he is arguably the GOAT, I have him number 2, Sobers being first

Shakib isn't as good as that, but that doesn't mean only 2 players are ATGs

You want to compare Mathews? Let me educate you on why he's not in Shakibs league

Mathews has played 192 matches, Shakib has 177

One has 4983 runs one has 4912...guess which ones Shakib?

One has 7 international hundreds, other has 1...guess which one is Shakib

One has 224 wickets, other has half...guess which one is Shakib

One has an economy of 4.4, other has one of 4.6...guess which one is Shakib

One has 7 4W hauls, other has 1... Guess which one is Shakib?

One has one 16 man of the match, and 5 man of the series, other has won 6 and no mos... Guess which one is Shakib?

Angelo is a world class player no doubt, but he's spent most of his career in the giant slip stream created by mahela and sangakara, whilst mahela didn't perform in most odi games, in big games and crunch situations he always turned up, Shakib had no luxury, he was the main batsman, bowler, fielder, mash has completely changed our mentalities, you have no idea what Shakib has done for us, no amount of stats or highlights can show why he is rated so highly, he carried hope of a nation on his back just to save us from embarrassment, he grabbed the team, put it on his back and made sure no one can call us minnows anymore, not tamim, not rahim, not mashrafe, just mainly him, you think we get rough decisions now? Shakib had to take about 7 wickets a game to get 3, every time he played, I've also seen him almost middle a bat to be given out lbw, I've seen him a foot and a half outside line to be given out lbw, I've seen him missing the ball by Good couple of inches to be given caught out, from his bowling I've seen thick edges not be given, I've seen plumb after plumb middle of middle not given, stats don't show these, he most definitely is an ATG, only Hadlee compares to the account of carrying he had to do

For someone who little, you have such strong views and you're not even trolling, it is ignorant.
Always forgive your enemies, nothing annoys them so much- Oscar Wilde.

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