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Originally Posted by DinRaat.
This thread would of been empty without a classic tiger1000 response to Shakib's naysayers.

But believe what you want, in the eyes of non-bangladeshi fans, whether you like it or not, he will just be another good player from the subcontinent, not in the midst of A.T.Gs .
I respond to all illogical posts, so most of yours.

Kallis spent most of his career, being talked of as a 'good' player, when he was one goats, what difference does it mean that non bangladeshi fans don't follow our cricket?, when we play them, they all sit up and call him a 'great' after that they like to forget, Kallis will be remembered for what he was in time, so will Shakib, he's reigned as one of the greatest players of his generations across all formats for a decade... Yep not an ATG

Other people are idiotic, so you decide to be one too?

You used to criticise his test performances, when you had no argument left, you jumped to odis, next you will jump to T20s, then probably how he dresses

Further, you say believe what I want... I point out facts, you point to your uneducated opinion, so you find it reasonable to believe in your opinion over actual facts, that's your problem not mine
Always forgive your enemies, nothing annoys them so much- Oscar Wilde.

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