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Default Overall our fielding was the best, then batting, running betwwen wicket and worst was bowling

In the Natwest Series we have some achievement and none may disagree with what I put in the subject line.
I wish Belim will make the bat more attacking in the last match, Asraful will tune his reflexes first and then go for strokes (and speak better English if he get the chance to go to the stage, let's pray he will!), Basher change his body language, talk to the bowler, make game plan if not for all for at least Simonds, Gilchirst, Ponting, Hussie so that they can not stay long in the 22 Yards. We also want to see Chacha out of the 1st eleven, sorry twelve, Murtaza to hold the return catches, Rafiq to be useful with bat as well with 20-30 runs (and give up gentlemanship and become aggressive), Baisha also to stay on side line, if included in 1st eleven then he should not be allowed to bowl after 2-3 expensive overs (why do we need him?). We want Nafis and AA Chy to give at least 70-80 runs if not individually- together. No duck from any one- please!
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