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i think this thread revolves around a great topic. Significant and very relevant for BD cricket.

Originally posted by Right_Way
Not improving with age, going down:
1) Rajin
2) Taposh
3) Tushar
4) Nafis Iqbal
finally someone has pointed out Nafees' name in this category. Yes, he was previously known to be a crowd-pleasing batsman, and he has now changed his style to an extended level. But,

he certainly hasnt lived upto his potential in this Natwest Series, and it certainly is NOT the time to dump him. Its true that him and Javed together hasn't triggered any collapse in the top order, and have produced a few solid and effective start to the innings (not necessarily productive ones), but the lack of big scores from Nafees does not bode quite well for him. Dont know what was the reason behind this (lack of maturity ? bad luck ?? incapability even ???) But as much as I believe that he is stil a fixture in the national team for some time to come, I also feel that this youngster better pick it up from the coming series against SL, otherwise he might end up being another chap to face the wrath of the BD selectors.

As for Tushar, this guy has had starts in a couple of games, but failed to convert them to 50s and beyond. A first-down batsman can't get out like he has been after making starts against top-quality bowling. On an individual level, his dismissal against Aus in that historical match is a good example of what I am trying to say. With Aftab at no. 3., Tushar's ideal position in the order sould be no. 6. If he doesnt fit there, he can go play tape-ball cricket and be the hero there.
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