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The other two mentionable players they currently have are Habitual
Basher and Javed Belim. From what I've seen of them on this tour,
neither of them are really international class players

Originally posted by Sauron
Wow! This guy gets cricket!! Some of his analysis might seem ruthless, but only because he is looking at it from a fresh angle. I cannot argue with anything he said except this line -

How much the Bangles themselves
benefit from such mismatches is extremely debatable.

I think that is the only wrong statement in his whole piece. Again, that is understandable from someone who has not been following BD cricket day in and day our for the last 10 years.

I strongly believe that BD team has learned more from this tour than any other tour before. And we could learn so much from this tour only because we had the IND and ZIM series in your recent memories. Playing with the giants will let us learn what makes a giant and we will be one of them soon.
Habibul bashar isn't a class player. he used to be with in top ten test player list once as far as I remember.
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