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Originally Posted by SportingBD
If you compare Kallis and Flintoff format by format.

Test: Kallis (mainly for his batting)
ODI: Flintoff
T20: Flintoff.

that just how I take it. I would pick Flintoff. It's only in Test Kallis is superb, mainly as a batsman. You do need to recognise, most of Kallis era, he always had good bowlers bowling for SA.

Everyone has a opinion, and I have mine.
Kallis was a excellent bowler in his younger days, with age he slowed down, Kallis did have excellent bowlers, so did Flintoff, he's played with

Caddick, gough, hamrison, Jones, hoggard, Anderson, broad

That's no Steyn Donald, but it's not a big difference

Flintoff was simply not of the class of Kallis, with the bowl he was excellent yes, but overall he's not worthy to be mentioned with Kallis

T20 I couldn't care less, I'll probably have Freddie
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