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Originally Posted by adamnsu
might be going to a tea garden.

- Visit a proper street bazzar. Probably Farm gate.
- this is a good idea.. going to kacha bazaar/fish market and do negotiations... and not the fixed pridced one. Live chicken, live goat. (but absolutely avoid any sight of slaughtering, or skinning)

- attempt a t20 match if bpl is on or any other t20 on. (bad: seats are extremely uncomfortable in bd stadiums, i prefer grass/picnic sitting for cricket)

- Take him to big jummah prayer in one of the bigger Masjid. Focus on experience that he won't find where he is living now

- Though i tend to prefer local foods when visiting a place, for dhaka their international dishes have different taste.. so trying out pizza, fried chicken is not a bad idea.

- I hope he gets to experience a load shedding at prime time if it is still a thing in dhaka.

- Though I like kids to have as much ppl exposure as possible, BD is where I become more aware as there are just too many of them. Specially "relatives" ... I personally like to limit exposure to only the right adults... more interaction with counsins or whoever of their age is preferred..

Now that I thnk of it, Bangladesh is not really that of a good country for Kids.
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