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Lightbulb FANTASY LEAGUE- BPL 2017- Fleabottomers' Version :)

Ok folks, we have a few days left to get this competition running. So I would love if you guys can get together and let's make this the best BPL fantasy league ever

Now, I have been gathering the list of players available in this year's BPL, and noticed that there is a tremendous amount of star players available. I am sure you guys have already made teams or have an idea of some sort of what your respective team will look like.

So, the composition of your team in this competition will be as such:
* 5 Foreign Players
*6 Bangladeshi players (Max 2 national players who recently featured in SA tour, at least 4 local players (where at least 1 of these players have to be 21 and under)
These players are going to be called local youth talents. After every stage of the competition, I will give an additional 100 points to the youth with the most points in that stage:
Round-robin- 100 points
Playoffs- 100 points
Final- 100 points

After the round-robin stage, you will have 4 changes at your disposal (inclusive of a captain change).
For the final, 6 changes will be allowed, and you can't change your captain.

Designate a wicket-keeper, and a captain (double points as always )

*IMPORTANT: stay consistent with the composition of your team after every change

Injuries: If any of your player gets injured, then you will have the opportunity to replace him with a player equivalent to his role (example, bowler replacing a bowler).

Deadline for submitting teams is 1 hour before the start of each stage. So it is important that you submit early. If you submit after the deadline, then each player in your team will receive -20 points, this penalty will only apply for the 1st round of matches.

Points Scheme:

CategoryScoring CriteriaPoints
BattingEach Run Scored1 Point
Scoring Rate 250+60 Points
Scoring Rate 200-249.9950 Points
Scoring Rate 175.0 - 199.940 Points
Scoring Rate 150.0 - 174.930 Points
Scoring Rate 125.0 - 149.920 Points
Scoring Rate 100.0 - 124.910 Points
Scoring Rate 75.01 - 99.99-10 Points
Scoring Rate 0.00 - 75.0-20 Points
Duck-10 Points
Golden Duck-20 Points
Duck without facing a ball0 Points
For Scoring Rate to be considered, a batsman must score at least 20 runs OR face at least 20 balls
BowlingEach Wicken Taken30 Points
Each Maiden Over10 Points
ECON: 3.50 or Less40 Points
ECON: 3.51 to 4.5025 Points
ECON: 4.51 to 5.0020 Points
ECON: 5.01 TO 5.9915 Points
ECON: 6.00 to 6.9910 Points
ECON: 7.00 to 9.99-10 Points
ECON: 10.00+-25 Points
For Econ. Rate to be considered, a minimum of 2 overs must be bowled.
FieldingPer Catch10 Points
Per WK Catch8 Points
Per Run Out10 Points
Per Stumping15 Points
BONUS30 Runs15 Points
50 Runs40 Points
75 Runs50 Points
100 Runs60 Points
130+ Runs100 Points
3 Wicket Haul40 Points
4 Wicket Haul50 Points
5 Wicket Haul60 Points
6+ Wicket Haul80 Points
Not Out / Retired Hurt5 Points
4+ WK Dismissals40 Points
3+ Fielding Dismissals (Non WK)20 Points
Man of the Match25 Points

I will try the post the list of players in the next few posts.
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