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Default BPL 2017 | Sylhet Fan Club

It is that time of the year again.

As an admin of the one and only Sylhet fan club -- it is my obligation to share the history, heritage, and culture of this under-represented of Sylhet.

Short History on Sylhet

The name of Sylhet is the anglicized form of the ancient Indo-Aryan term Srihatta.

1303 - the Sufi Muslim leader Shah Jalal conquered Sylhet by defeating the local Hindu Raja.
14th century - Ibn Battuta visited Sylhet in the 14th century and saw Bengali Muslims transforming the region into an agricultural basket.Sylhet was a mint town of the Bengal Sultanate.
16th century - Sylhet was controlled by the Baro-Bhuyan zamindars and became a district of the Mughal Empire.
18th century - British rule began under the administration of the East India Company. With its ancient seafaring tradition, Sylhet became a key source of lascars in the British Empire.
1867 - The Sylhet municipal board was established.
1874 to 1947 - Originally part of the Bengal Presidency and later Eastern Bengal and Assam; the town was part of Colonial Assam between 1874 and 1947, when following a referendum and the partition of British India, it became part of East Bengal.
2001 - The Sylhet City Corporation was constituted..
2009 - The Government of Bangladesh designated Sylhet a metropolitan area in

Pictures Sylhet

Hammam Falls

Pankthumai Falls

Famous Tea Garden


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