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Default Education Background of Bangladeshi Cricketers

If we are to assume that by "Education Background" we are including both academic pursuits as well as the general intellect (discipline, problem-solving abilities etc.) of our cricketers, how would we rate our current national players?

The glaring issues are obvious - from the inability to learn from mistakes on the field from both a performance and strategic viewpoint, to embarrassing comments/actions off it - our cricketers are most definitely the dumbest, most idiotic group of players in international cricket, possibly only ahead of Pakistan by a whisker (which isn't worth mentioning, tbh).

This begs the question: why are the IQs of our cricketers bordering mental retardation? Why do they so often crumble under pressure? Why are they so hopeless at handling fame? Why are they so embarrassingly emotional to the point where you question whether they should see a doctor in relation to their Estrogen/Testosterone imbalance?

Is it simply a matter of education? Almost all of these guys come from rural backgrounds.

Would love to hear your thoughts.
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