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Originally Posted by Mas_UK25
Yes it is my Bro. Islamically. All muslims are brothers. Unless one isn’t muslim, then it may be irrelevant for them. If one doesnt know then shall ask a local imam, unless one isn’t into religion and not a practicing Muslim, then that’s a different story.

All Muslims are part of the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Doesn’t matter who they are and all are brothers in the deen. That’s just an standard fact.
Why does any discussion about Pak CRICKET turns out to be religious for y'all? There is nothing brotherly about helping out a nation where it's not safe to visit. It's not a one off match like the lankans got, they want us to do a full tour. They want to use us as their guniepig. What exactly is so brotherly about that from their part? Because majority of that country's people are muslim hence we have to dip our toe in the terrorist filled nation's den?

And speaking about this weird brother logic: Biologiclly speaking, If you ain't from the same MOM/DAD, you ain't no brother. You can be a friend, a step brother, someone you may know, but not a brother. It's like saying, I like to drink tea, you like to drink tea, hence we are brothers.
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