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Originally Posted by Shadow
They are already using ultra-edge in BPL. So that's not an issue. BPL wont't have DRS unless it's used in any other domestic leagues.
DRS consists of a multitude of cameras,sensors and workstations all working in unison.

These aren't your normal digital cameras,they are high speed cameras used to predict the motion of the ball.

In essence,DRS is a set of technologies that aid in the umpires decision making process.Expense IS an issue, since ultraedge is the most primitive technology in decision making.

DRS is very expensive, you need the equipment plus people equipped with the technical knowledge to operate it. Modern day DRS have a range of technologies; Snickometre,Hotspot,Hawkeye,Ultraedge and Ball tracking.

DRS costs 60000 dollars per match(Cricinfo)

Don't forget you need to pay the workers operating the tech.

60000 times 30= 1.8 million dollars for just 30 matches
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