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Default Remove the maximum overs rule in LOIs

Cricket needs a better bat/ball balance. And I think one of the easiest way to ensure that is to remove the rule that says a bowler is allowed a maximum number of overs. Instead allow a bowler to bowl as many overs as the team sees fit.

Pros: No need to distribute overs amongst 5 or more. So we won't have to see part-timers having to bowl just for the sake of preserving top bowlers for the death overs.

Higher chance of wickets during the "boring middle overs."

Gives weaker teams a better shot at victory. AFG can just ride Rashid Khan.

More dynamic/exciting team selection. Captains will have to decide - do you go with extra bastmen and trust your top 2/3 bowlers. Or do you go with 5 in case someone has an off day? It allows teams to play to their strengths. Imagine having to make those decisions during the world cup.

No more fake all-rounders. Also allows room for genuine wicketkeepers.

Bottom line: Team gets to put out their best attack - whether its 5, 4, 3, or just a 1 man show.

Con: Less of a team sport. You don't need to develop 5 top bowlers when one or two will suffice. While this is true, I'm a firm believer that the best teams will still employ a 3-4 man attack, similar to test cricket.

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