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Originally Posted by Roy_1
I understand where you are coming from, I still don't think Indians care about Jadeja not being included in the list, if Kohli wasn't there we would have been on a warpath lol. Contrary to popular belief here Shakib is rated very highly in India, till date I haven't seen any Shastris or Gavaskars questioning his no 1 spot. I personally rate Jadeja as a better bowler but Shakib is a better alrounder overall.

Cricket is increasingly becoming brown man's game, give it a couple more decades, them Chappels and Boycotts would come to us for validation.

That's not correct. Yes, it's somewhat true for Indian loi side but not for Indian test side.

If we consider all the formats then kohli is easily the best player in the world right now. No doubt about it. But the current Indian test side would've performed in similar fashion even if "the batsman" '' kohli wasn't in the indian test side.

Almost all the players from Indian test side will walk into any top level test team. Yes, they r really that good.
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