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Default Donald Trump and Bangladesh cricket

Bangladesh news
Donald Trump takes credit for Champion's Trophy semis
Associated Press

Donald Trump today at 3:00 am tweeted that if it wasn't for his presidency Bangladesh wouldn't have made it to the second round let alone semi-final of Champion's Trophy earlier this year.

Mr Trump, a die hard cricket fan

"Boy they are a great team. Aren't they a great team? They are a great team. I bet," the president of the free world was reported to make the statement earlier.

However tonight at 3:00am he tweeted the following:

President Trump who is a die hard fanatic of cricket follows Bangladesh cricket Tigers and is reputed to be a hard core fan of Australia with his favorite player being David Boon whom he mistakenly assumed to be of a pioneer frontiersman.

"Melanie and I are great fan of cricket. Love that Shakib chap. And boy what about Happy? Isn't she a happy lady... to be the ex-flame of Rubel. Rubel Hossain. What a phenomenal player. He has a great arm. Doesn't he have a great arm folks? I bet he does."

When asked about Arafat Sunny's behavior he denied flat out: "But he didn't do it"' and after being asked about Sabbir Rahman's beating of a child he said: "Oh come'on. Everyone needs a [and we quote here] "lil luvin'" every now and then."

When press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked about these statements she said wearing her favorite trademark scowl: "Oh come'on. Can't the man have a say in anything nowadays? I mean what do you all want. If he says something you attack him, if you keeps quiet you grill him. What do you guys really want I mean?"

Mr Trump also said that when he practices his drive and golf swings, he often wishes he was batting at SCG.

"Nazum Hossain Papun - who is a great friend of mine - a tremendous fellow, we have made some agreements and I am sure we can squeeze in Sabbir for some slot in national team."

As a final thought, when he was asked to comment about Mohammad Ashraful he said: "Oh come'on everyone makes mistakes. Don't we all make mistakes? We all make mistakes. Give the little kid a break."

Donald Trump also said that he will make Bangladesh the greatest cricket nation ever and that Bangladeshis have the biggest wicket size and stumps ever. But he also added with a chuckle: "But I get to have the biggest stump. If you know what I mean."

Since the POTUS was in a jovial mood he was asked who should be the next coach. "I hear Inzamam is doing really well now. If not there is always Rasheed Latif."
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