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Originally Posted by DinRaat.
I am loving this guys threads.

Tejkuni I got some ideas for your next thread title.

Top 10 New Year Resolutions: Shakib and Mushfiqur included.
List of most influential people: Shakib and Mushfiqur are on it
List of greatest sportsmen: Shakib and Mushfiqur are on it.
List of shortest cricketers: Shakib and Mushfiqur are on it
List of greatest athletes: Shakib and Mushfiqur are onit
Dictator XI: Shakib and Mushfiqur are on it.
Thanks for the ridicule. But I have a reason to post three in a row. After the first post a number of people ridiculed Guardian and were surprised to see Mushfique in the list (see below). I posted the next two to remove their skepticism. CA & cricinfo basically validated Guardian's list. Here are some of the comments :
Mushy not so much and Cloudy is a joke. Bar these two this list looks okay now that I have actually looked at it.

Sakib deserves it...Mushy kinda got a free

Shakib makes sense but mushy got me by surprise.
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